Rep. Johnson Opposes Democrat Gun Control Bills

February 28, 2019
Press Release

Washington, D.C. – This week U.S. Representative Dusty Johnson (R-S.D.) voted against two Democrat gun control measures. The two bills proposed by Democrats in the House (H.R.8, H.R.1112) would heavily curb law-abiding citizens’ access to firearms.

H.R.8 would criminalize almost all gun transfers between private individuals, including some family members. It is an extensive overregulation of individuals’ Second Amendment rights. H.R.1112 would create bureaucratic delay by extending the three-day waiting background check determination window to ten days and undermines law-abiding citizens’ ability to defend themselves.

“I was proud to cast my vote, not once, but twice this week against gun control bills proposed by Democrats,” said Johnson. “A background check system already exists in our country. We have to uphold the 2nd Amendment rights of law-abiding South Dakotans and our country.”

Additionally, Rep. Johnson supported an amendment vote that would require U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement to be notified when illegal immigrants try to purchase a firearm through the National Instant Criminal Background Check System. This vote passed the U.S. House, even though 208 Democrats voted against the measure.