Bill Introduced to Allow Flexibility to Harvest Feed During Disaster

June 12, 2019
In The News

Representatives Dusty Johnson of South Dakota and Angie Craig of Minnesota have introduced the Feed Emergency Enhancement During Disasters or FEEDD Act. The legislation gives farmers and ranchers additional flexibility to help alleviate feed shortages during planting seasons due to drought or with high levels of prevent plant due to extreme moisture. Johnson says the bill would force the Risk Management Agency to make the policy change.

NCBA Policy Division Vice Chairman Todd Wilkinson says the bill is badly needed with excessive rain and flooding in the Midwest this spring.

He says the most important component of the legislation is it allows producers to harvest, graze, hay or chop a cover crop before November 1 in the event of a feed shortage.

The waiver allowed under the legislation also means producers would not have to take a further discount on their crop insurance.