Angels in Adoption

November 6, 2020
Weekly Column

November is memorable for many things – including Election Day and the start of the holiday season – but it also marks the start of National Adoption Month.

In South Dakota, the average age of a child waiting to be adopted is nine years old. My youngest is eight – it’s heartbreaking knowing there are so many children my son’s age in need of a loving home.

There is hope for these children, though. Each year, I have the opportunity to nominate a family who’s opened their home to adoptive children as “Angels in Adoption.” This year, I nominated Chad and Kari Shields from Sioux Falls.

After having four of their own biological children, the Shields family decided they had room in their hearts for more kids. They adopted Oliver from China, and a year and a half later brought home Lily from China as well. Lily has significant medical needs that require out of state medical care.

The Shields family often opens their home to other families with adopted children – they provide a community and support network for families walking a similar path. The Shieldses are actively involved in the foster care community as well and provide temporary care for foster children and families.

I hold deep admiration for families like the Shieldses who always seem to have more love to give.

Adoption is a blessing for both the children and the families, and I’m honored to highlight the stories of true Angels in Adoption like the Shields family. To learn more about adoption in South Dakota visit